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Yellow & Gray Quilt – part 4

IMG_6231I can’t believe I’m only posting update #3 on this project. It feels like it’s been going on forever. Due in no small part, I expect, to the fact that I’m also thinking about how the whole guest room will come together. Continue reading…

Gallery #3

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the past several years. I took some of them, but I’m sure that D— took some of them as well.
Forget the fact that it’s still warm outside. I totally dug the textures on this window.



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The Sun Porch

The year – 2012.
The week – Memorial Day week. (That’s the one where we celebrate the soldiers, not the one where we celebrate the unions and why we all now have weekends off and so forth. But I digress.)

Every year on this week, I take off my regular 9-5 and do something major around the house. This particular year was set aside for the sun porch. Most of the time, these projects are just Debby. Not this one. This one was a joint effort of D— and step-daughter M—, who was home from college for a few weeks. Keep reading…

Yellow & Gray Quilt – part 3

I’ve been plugging along on the quilt for our guest bedroom. Life has intervened somewhat – big surprise – and my quilting space, as wonderful as it is, is a little small to lay out all the squares, even on the floor. I tried moving over to D—’s side of the basement, but he has guitars, drums, mic stands, you name it over there. And I could still only find room to lay out about half of it.

IMG_5908 IMG_5907 Continure reading…

Blueberry Lemon Muffins

IMG_5866This has become one of my go-to recipes in blueberry season. You can’t add enough lemon in my opinion.

“When blueberries are in season, these muffins make a glorious start to the day. But, even when berries are out of season, they’re still pretty sensational. For fresh berries, substitute the kind that are individually quick-frozen and let them thaw slightly before folding them into the batter. (Never use frozen berries packed in syrup.) These muffins are just as delicious when made with wild black raspberries. Adding cornmeal to the batter gives a slight coarseness to the texture, which I particularly like.” — Sheila Lukins Continue reading…